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Glamping holidays are undeniably different from any other kind. From treehouses and cabins to yurts, huts and boats, each location is a far cry from the last. Each place promising the happy screech of kids running around the picnic table, the heart stopping second you let go of a river swing, or the late-night murmur and clink of bottles round the fire.

We personally inspect all of our glamping holidays in the UK, ensuring you have the connection with nature, the memories you couldn’t make anywhere else or the peace and quiet only wild spaces can afford you. To us, special isn’t just a word, it’s an experience you couldn’t have anywhere else.

The campfire is calling, the stars waiting, the woods and streams unexplored and untraversed – browse our collection of places we’ve personally visited, tested and loved below.

Our popular locations

These are our most popular glamping locations in the UK. Our team have visited every single one personally, to find only the most special and quirky spaces that we just know you'll want to visit.












Lake District

Lake District



Win three holidays + three amazing experiences

Our best ever prize with three amazing getaways each with an added experience. It's the perfect way to enjoy a taster of the Wild 100.

Why book a glamping break with C&S

We’re more than just glamping holidays in the UK. We’re a small, independent travel company that specialises in unique places to stay in nature, sure. We also champion sustainability and strive to make an impact on the world with all our choices. We only work with owners who’ve put their heart and soul into a space, and make glamping holidays truly special. Enduring the hardship of inspecting every single glamping place we add to the collection, we know how to match you with the perfect place.

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About glamping

Who we are To say we’re a glamping holidays company wouldn’t be enough. We’re the only UK travel company that’s both employee owned and focused on sustainability, with a charitable trust devoted to putting profits into environmental causes. We strive to make a positive impact in the world with all our choices, and to inspire the same love of, and value in, the outdoors with everyone we meet.

Why choose glamping? Both a sustainable and affordable way to immerse yourself in nature, all the while, enjoying a little more luxury than the standard tent allows – our spaces can be found within the UK’s wildest locations. With backdrops including wildflower meadows, peaceful forests, mountains, hillsides, and heathland, we collect properties showcasing the best of the UK’s glamping holidays. Take the chance to spend quality time with family, reconnect with friends, or romance your partner.

Our glamping holidays All our glamping holidays in the UK are vetted by a member of the Canopy & Stars team, who always stay overnight, ensuring it meets our exacting standards for the most unique glamping holidays in the UK. Whether it’s treehouses, cabins, yurts, gypsy wagons or more, a unique glamping holiday’s never been easier to find.

We care about responsible travel? As the only part family, part employee owned travel company in the UK that focuses on more sustainable travel, we’re proud to have established a charitable trust that sees a percentage of our profits spent to help combat climate change. To contribute to a positive impact on the glamping holidays in the UK is important to us.

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Glamping FAQs

What is glamping? Literally, "glamorous camping". Glamping is about being able to experience nature without having to pack all your camping gear. Amazing places to stay in the UK and Europe, such as treehouses, cabins and yurts with great beds and creature comforts, so you're surrounded by nature and don't have to try and fit a hot tub in a rucksack.

Why go glamping? There are plenty of reasons why you should go glamping in the UK and Europe. Not only do you get the basics of camping, but also the added luxuries that come with glamping. And there's all these too:

  • Experience something unique
  • Connect with nature
  • Switch off from a busy life
  • Learn new things
  • Stargaze by the fire
  • Go wild swimming
  • Listen to the birds

What to bring glamping What you need to bring will vary depending on which you're visiting. Always read the Essentials section for the place you're going to and get in touch with our Guest Experience Team if anything is unclear. You will only need to bring bedding in very few cases. It can be a good idea to stock up on food before you arrive, because some places have no shops nearby. We also recommend bringing:

  • torches
  • walking boots or other hardy footwear
  • a waterproof
  • warm clothes

Where can I go glamping? Glamping is everywhere! We have unique glamping spaces all across the UK and Europe. From triangular pods in the depths of Cornwall to mirror cubes in the forests of Sweden, you will always find somewhere to glamp.

What is glamping accommodation? Glamping accommodation is the best of camping and the best of hotels mashed together. Every space combines the outdoor adventure of camping with some creature comforts. Some are bit more rustic, with just wood-burners for heat and campfires for cooking, some have roll top baths and induction hobs, but let the outdoors in through rolled-back canvas walls.

Can you go glamping in winter? Yes. Glamping in the UK during Winter is all about sitting by crackling campfires and wood burners, wrapped in blankets, or making a shrieking dash from the hot tub back into the warmth. Many places (especially the canvas ones) do close during Winter, when owners take time for maintenance or making exciting site changes, but the ones that are open are lovely.

Is glamping suitable for young children? Definitely! In fact, it's beyond suitable, it's perfect. Yes, there are places across the UK and Europe where you'll need to be careful of a pond, or uneven ground, but we can help you choose a place where the kids can meet the animals, build dens and learn to love the outdoors.

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