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Welcome to Find Your Wild, the place to get inspiration for a much-needed break and great glamping holidays in the UK and Europe. Here you’ll discover insider regional guides, exciting experiences and tips for your nature time.

The Wild 100

A new year can only mean one thing, it’s time to reset the clock, and celebrate another 100 magical moments you’ll find at your stay with Canopy & Stars. The Wild 100 is a celebration of all the little things (with a big impact) that make a stay not just a getaway, but an adventure, a few days of restoration, or a chance to reconnect.

We’re onto week eight of The Wild 100, and we’re talking to you, weekend warriors. You’ve dreamed of adventures up fells and mountains, on lochs and rivers, and out on open moors. Now’s your chance. Head out on mountain bikes, dive into canyons, build wooden structures, and ride the surf.

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Cabin Inspiration

Cabins that you need to book for 2024

If you’ve ever browsed the collection, either hunting specifically for a quick jaunt or occasion, you’ve probably spotted one of these spaces, booked up far past when you fancied it. Reason being, they’re pretty awesome. So, this year, try something new. You know you’re gonna want to stay there, so why not book for 2024, and skip all the longing.

Person sitting at a large window with view of woodlands

Glamping places for a solo retreat

Swap noise and crowds for vast open countryside, blissful silence and a self-indulgent, compromise-free agenda. Whether you want relaxing spa sessions, utter solitude, outdoor adventures, wild swims or epic stargazing, we’ve got some gorgeous places for recharging your batteries in style.

Person wild swimming in a rural area
Wild World

Six wild swimming spots for your bucket list

We’ve rounded up six of the coolest wild swimming spots in the UK where you’ll find Canopy & Stars glamping places conveniently close by for a feel-good getaway. We know you’re a sensible bunch, but we’ve got to say it, always follow the relevant health and safety advice when wild swimming.

Wild World

My wild weekend: embracing winter

This month we sent Jonny and Hannah, of Finding Our adventure, to Lark Cabin for our series following members of our community living a life more wild!

Wild World

Foraged by Fern: Wild mushroom pasta

We spoke to Fern Freud, a forager, wild wanderer and the genius behind Foraged with Fern. Based in Sussex, she makes wild swimming, canoeing and hiking part of a day’s work and uses her in-depth knowledge of the wild around her to find delicious dishes hidden in the hedgerows. This week, we found out how easy it was to make a phenomenal, foraged mushroom pasta dish!

Wild World

6 groups improving access to the outdoors

If you live in a in a rural area, it’s easy to lament the lack of people coming to make use of it and appreciate wild spaces. But in reality, access to wild spaces remains difficult for many, for a multitude of reasons. Many groups are fighting this inequality, and whilst there are a few hundred you could join or support – here are six fighting the good fight.

Our guides

From the tallest peaks to the lowest valleys, and all that’s found in between, we take you on tours of the wild, foodie destinations, indie shops and the best of outdoor adventures.



Cornwall is understandably popular, but there are still hidden coves and secret beaches to be found and enjoyed on a few days away. We've put together some of our favourite ways to spend a great day or half day.



Here are some of our favourite ways to get a feel for the Powys' extreme sports, sustainable tech and fine traditions of cooking and brewing.



These are just few ways to explore the adventure, culture and history of Dorset’s coast. We’ve put them together in groups that would make great days or half days.



These are just a few things we love to do when we’re in Northumberland. Each group makes a great day or half day,

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