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A life more wild by C&S

A Life More Wild - Series 2


For series two of A Life More Wild, we got our boots back on and went walking with another set of awesome guests. Fearne Cotton told us about her deep personal connection to Richmond Park, movement coach Richie Norton made us take a deep breath and Kris Hallenga told us how much she enjoys the Cornish coast after stepping back from her incredibly successful charity Coppafeel! And that’s just a few of them.  

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Our series 2 guests 

Episode 1: Ellen Miles

In episode 1, we speak to Ellen Miles. Ellen is the founder of the charity nature as a human right, through which she campaigns for access to nature to be recognised as a human right by the UN.

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Episode 2: Gemma Cairney

Episode two of the second series of A Life More Wild finds us just outside Edinburgh, taking a walk in the incredible Jupiter Artland with Gemma Cairney. 

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Episode 3: Fearne Cotton

In episode 3, we speak with tv presenter, writer and founder of the Happy Place festival Fearne Cotton. The park is a place where she’s coped with loss, got the kids out of the house and had some of the many ideas that have turned into best selling books, tv shows and events.

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Episode 4: Poppy Okotcha

In episode 4, we head to South Devon to hang out with trained horticulturalist Poppy Okotcha. Poppy is an ecological grower and passionate advocate for reconnecting to nature through our food. Later on, we chat to chef and food educator Tom Hunt about sustainability and seasonality.

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Episode 5: Richie Norton

Episode five of a Life More Wild sees us walking in the woods with Richie Norton and hearing about the long road from losing his rugby career to finding his calm, as a breathing and movement coach.

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Episode 6: Russ Moorhouse

Episode six of a Life More Wild sees us walking in the Lake District with Russ Moorhouse, who points out a fraction of the 214 Wainwright Fells he wild camped on in an epic year-long adventure.

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Episode 7: Sophie Morgan

In episode seven, we take a trip around Southwark Park with TV presenter and award-winning disability advocate Sophie Morgan. Later on, we speak to author and passionate gardener Alice Vincent.

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Episode 8: 24 hours in 24 minutes, a sensory nature meditation experience

This week we're bringing you a slightly different sort of episode. Listen to our sensory nature meditation experience narrated by Rebecca Dennis. 

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Episode 9: George Clark

In episode seven, we chat with George Clarke about his humble beginnings in creating treehouses as a kid, and the journey it took to build some of his more famous creations.

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