Community Rules

These rules apply to main chat, personal profiles and wall posts.

1. Please respect all staff and treat them in a courteous manner.

2. No self harm or suicide chat.

3. Racism and or hate speeches of any kind will not be tolerated.

Main Chat Rules

1. No nudes, sexually explicit or pornographic content.

2. Please do not spam or flood the chat.

3. Whilst other chat sites are not taboo, please keep discussion about them to a minimum.

4. Only English spoken in main chat.

5. No posting of personal private messages in main chat.

To help maintain a positive environment please use the ignore function rather than engaging in arguments or abuse. All moderator decisions or actions are made with the best intentions at the time.

If you wish to discuss any of these further or any other complaints or comments please email: [email protected]

Welcome to Chat Crew!