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  2. Ope, Thanks for your post. Any bans, kicks or mutes can be appealed via the forum and will be discussed by the Chat Crew Staff. In your case, had you legitimately asked why Bri was banned, in private to one of the Staff, or via the forum, you may have received an explanation. We are not however obliged to answer you or any other chatter about other the status of another chatter. Instead, you made repeated posts about it in the main chat and became more aggressive when you were not answered to your satisfaction. Ultimately, you were banned for this and then proceeded to evade the ban 100s of times. Please ket us know if you need any further information.
  3. Hi Ope, I've asked @Tom to look into this and respond.
  4. I (username Ope) was banned for simply asking why my girlfriend Bri was banned, I was banned by Tom, the admin who banned Bri because she made a complaint (which was true) about Satan harassing me, Satan said the F word, and imperium said the n word, and neither of them were banned, I sent screenshots to both admins, and nothing was done, I also complained to the mod Morgan about it, and nothing was done, I would like to be unbanned, and I would like for Bri to be unbanned as well.
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  6. Imperium


    Please for the love of God, remove the stick that is currently up your аss. I said two fucking things and you kick me again for another 24 hours with the reason being "Grow up" Well excuse me for having a problem when Hardy called me a сunt 3 times, a loser and says he's going to break my fucking skull in. But god forbid I call him a mosquito. And when I mention that you kick me? You tell me to grow up but can't handle the truth and some criticism. How FUCKING ironic. Please look in the mirror.
  7. Imperium


    Why the hell is my kick timer restarting? I was kicked for 1:24:60:60, for and I qoute "Discussing Self Harm. Continuing to engage in drama with another chatter" Which the first reason? Yeah okay that's fair. I was warned in the past about that rule and I broke it. I'll abide by the timer and just wait. But the second one is the most tacked on forced fucking reason, just added on for shits and giggles. I wouldn't even be upset if it weren't for the fact that it's been 13 hours and the kick timer only went down 15 or so minutes. That's such horseshit.
  8. Some people grumble that roses have thorns, be grateful that thorns have roses… 

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