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The Canopy & Stars Glamping Market Report 2024

Add value, stay flexible, get engaged

Since it first gained popularity over a decade ago, people have been waiting for the glamping bubble to burst. For something that was supposed to be so fragile, it has come through a pandemic and a recession looking more robust than ever. The market is expanding rapidly, but also morphing in line with other influences. It has fused with the wellness industry and found itself perfectly positioned for the new world of social media driven travel.

With these changes has come greater demand from guests for value, an emphasis on flexibility and the undeniable importance of creating and maintaining an engaged, trusting audience.

What’s the state of play?

An in-depth look at the current state of the industry, confident forecasts of its growth and a possible renaming of glamping altogether, as the concept cements its position in the mainstream.

How is the glamping audience changing?

The rise of Gen Z, social media’s transition from review platform to research tool and the continuing importance of the personal touch in an age of technology.

How do people want to travel?

Nightly rates take focus from length of stay, the questionable longevity of the group booking phenomenon and the importance of going either high or low, but never in the middle.

How will new regulations affect regional spread?

Ireland and the north of England show signs of catching up to the industry’s southern frontrunners, new regulations might make the competition less numerous but more fierce.

What should you be building in 2024?

Quality, comfort and solid walls take an even tighter grip on the market and a refresh can be beneficial, but bespoke design and flair are where the real opportunity lies.

The future of glamping – wellness

The wellness industry and glamping spaces as perfect partners and how the increased expectations of spa seekers affect every consideration for building and marketing spaces.

The future of glamping – sustainability

Consumer awareness grows, travel’s response to the climate crisis, transparency in reporting and the importance of giving guests easy environmental choices.

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