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Wild activities

You’ve dreamed of adventures up fells and mountains, on lochs and rivers, and out on open moors. Now’s your chance. Head out on mountain bikes, dive into canyons, build wooden structures, and ride the surf.

Wild activities is only one type of experience that features in The Wild 100, our selection of the incredible things that come with our stays. You can see the full 100 here, or sign up to our newsletter and have them sent to you in inspiring episodes over the next few weeks.

Man on a bike at Beudy Banc Treehouse
Beudy Banc Treehouse, Powys

71. Bike Wales' wildest hills

A mountain-biking paradise, take on a top-class biking trail, and step straight onto the deck of your cabin at the end. You’ve got a 1.2km downhill route at Beudy Banc, all to yourself. If that whets your appetite, head to Machynlleth, a few miles away, and take on the world-class Mach trails.

Person woodworking at Dumbledore
Dumbledore, East Sussex

72. Learn and grow

Buzzing with activity, everywhere you look something new is being created, and you’re invited to take part. During your stay at Dumbledore, you’ll find community events, courses, woodland stewardship and volunteering to make the place what it is today, and what it will be in the future.

Wild Swimming Pond
Adder Treehouse, Gloucestershire

73. Wild swim and sauna

Home to more than beautiful treehouses, you’ll find a lake onsite, where the ReWild Swim Club delves into wild waters all year round. Get changed in the yurt by the wood burner, relax on the jetty, take a refreshing dip, and retreat back to the sauna to get cosy.

Woodworking workshop at Walden
Walden, Herefordshire

74. Whittle away the hours

Getting active outdoors doesn't have to mean thigh-burning cardio. Try green woodwork. Make anything from a simple spatula to a rocking chair, although you might need a fairly long stay for the latter. Go with the grain and spend an afternoon meditating on the tiny curls of wood that drop below you.

Birch View with trees
Birch View, Northamptonshire

75. Guided nature walks

As if straight from a storybook, Birch View cabin springs out from a patch of white birch trees and wild strawberries at the end of an old runway. If you’re looking for wild – the owners offer guided nature walks to discover all the flora and fauna that has grown on this historic site.

People Kayaking on river
Watson's Cabin, Herefordshire

76. Canoe pub crawl

Your hillside palace, with a firebowl and hot tub, is a hard place to leave, but a 10-minute stroll down the hill is Symonds Yat Canoe Hire, who can send you paddling downriver with optional (but come on) stops at waterside pubs. The tub and the fire will still be there when you get back.


77. Red deer safari

Each space at Ash Farm is neighboured by a small herd of deer, and whilst you could easily while away an afternoon watching them from your outdoor tub, we recommend joining owner, Adam for a proper tour and introduction in his blue 4x4.

Kushti homemade bee's wax products
Kushti, East Sussex

78. Become a beekeeper

Fancy having your own honey on tap and helping the bee population at the same time? Start your journey towards mastering the ancient craft of beekeeping with a course from a passionate, experienced professional. And yes, you do get to wear the cool suit thing with the big netted hat.

People surfing on a beach
Trebus, Cornwall

79. Surf the Cornish waves

Watch the waves from your hilltop bus, then head down to one of the nearby beaches and throw yourself in, under expert supervision. OA Surf Club have 25 years of experience in turning floundering board wrestlers into confident riders, with one-off sessions and multi-part courses to suit all levels.

Tod, Scotland

80. Wild waterfall adventures

Scramble, slide, jump and splash through Scotland's rugged terrain, with a spot of canyoning. Whet your appetite (and the rest of you) with the abseils and plunges of the stunning Dollar Glen, then take on Alva Glen, a next-level course that thunders through a narrow chasm nearby.

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